'Wild filly' by falconer Isabel Aaiún, new hit in Spain

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'Wild filly' by falconer Isabel Aaiún, new hit in Spain

There is no news in the Spanish top 10, which continues to be crowned for another week by 'BadGyal' by Saiko, JC Reyes and Dei V, on its way to double platinum. All the songs in the top 10 have previously been number 1, number 2 or number 3.

For this reason we are left with the strongest rise of the week. This is 'Potra Savage', the unstoppable viral by Isabel Aaiún from Segovia, a falconer and amazon as told in Jara and Sedal.

The theme has seen its weekly consumption increase by 92%, thanks to its good performance on YouTube and TikTok, where several people have used it. 'Potra Savage' actually came out in 2021, but it has been going viral since 2023 thanks to the “hard remix” by Fernando Moreno.

The only entries of the week are 'Apaga el cel' by Floyymenor and Lewis Somes (38th place) and 'Touching the Sky' by Rauw Alejandro (45th place).

Yes, there are several re-entries in the top 100, a couple of them by Taylor Swift on the occasion of her arrival at the Bernabéu ('Cruel Summer' returns to 65, 'I Can Do It With a Broken Heart' to 95); although perhaps the most unexpected is La La Love You with Samuraï.

While 'The End of the World' continues in position 66 in its 96th week in the top 100, certified 6 times platinum, 'The Beginning of Something' returns to position 97, certified platinum. And that's only its second week in the top 100.

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