Viajamos a "Latinoamérica” (y más allá) con el nuevo vídeo de Ya no te quiero

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We travel to “Latin America” ​​(and beyond) with the new video for Ya no te Quiero

The Lanzarote band I do not love you anymore release the video that accompanies the title track of their debut album with the Malpaís Record label, the EP Latin Americareleased in vinyl format and recorded on Cascajos Records with production by Mamé Spínola.

Four themes (They come, The drug, okay and Latin America) loaded with bright and colorful pop surround, marked accent and extra Latin rhythms at times. As Fernando Robayna (project leader) comments: “Simple songs that illustrate passages and characters in life. Pills of light music, compositions with a pop structure that allow themselves to be loved and contaminated by other styles to create a close discourse, which is also a reflection of what happens. Like a unique sound chronology that evokes the feelings of those who listen to them.”

̶Y̶a ̶N̶o Te Quiero are: Fernando Robayna (Cumbia Ebria), voice and guitars; Mamé Hernández (Cumbia Ebria, Oscartienealas) on bass; José María Pérez (Abisal, LANAVE, Monday Faces) on drums; and Javier Santiago (Oscartienealas, Motorower) on keyboards.

We leave you with the exclusive premiere of the video of Latin Americaa song that, in Robayna’s own words, “It is a journey to encounter a lived history, a journey inward, a reflection on a very significant time. It is, thus, a way of digesting the past without it disturbing us, just watching it pass, like someone remembering an epic scene.”. Pisco sauer in hand, video in!

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