Estrenamos “Pasarela”, nuevo single y videoclip de Çantamarta

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We premiere “Pasarela”, the new single and video clip from Çantamarta

Çantamarta They are presenting their new single and video clip with us today. It is “Pasarela”, a song in which the Malaga natives use a contagious rhythm to talk to us about miscegenation and immigration.

Apart from the members of the Malaga group and the dance group that accompanies them in the clip, the fusion and immigration are the main themes of Çantamarta’s new single, entitled “Pasarela” and which we are presenting to the public today. The song and the clip will be officially released tomorrow.

Çantamarta once again take advantage of catchy, danceable rhythms to address serious and important topics. Because that is what “Pasarela” does, “a song that “explores the migrant feeling, emphasizing the conflict that many young Latinxs go through when they leave their home, plus the many questions that go through their heads during the process.”

Combining hip hop, Latin soul, dembow and other Caribbean rhythms, samples and electronic beats, Çantamarta are on the road to their first album, although they have already given us many signs that they have a lot to tell us both with their music and their lyrics.

Çantamarta have counted again on Roberto Zulo at the helm of the production, with arrangements by the famous Venezuelan percussionist Marcel Davila plus the finishing touches of Hector Castillo. In addition, the choral arrangements of ESAEM with the direction of Cristina RomeroAs for the video clip, directed by Adri Sola and Lena Zafra, it features more than thirty participants, creating one of the band’s freshest works to date.

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