Estrenamos “Orfeo serás tú”, el nuevo videoclip de Jester

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We premiere “Orpheus will be you”, the new video clip by Jester

We present to you “Orpheus will be you”, the new video clip of the Barcelona band JesterThe song is part of his recent EP “It’s just the beginning”published last June.

Jester They were born as a group in the Barcelona neighborhood of Sant Andreu Palomar a few years ago and continue to mature their proposal, inspired by British-style independent pop and which they take to their own terrain in songs such as those included in their recent EP “It’s just the beginning”. Although the group not only takes care of their work in the studio, but also offers live performances in which the stage part is increasingly more worked on.

Today they are premiering with us their new video clip, the one for the song “Orfeo serás tú” and which has been directed by the band’s own leader. Eloi Romanwhile the photography direction is the work of Pere Girbau and the art direction is by the firm Cailé ChinerOn the other hand, the video clip also stars Eloi Román along with Marina Solsona and Jose Antonio Tapia Pozo.

This is one of the pieces that make up what they define as their “Visual Album” of this “It’s just the beginning”whereThe song and the video form a single unit, creating a universe of three characters. The album explains diversity from different ideas and archetypes that inhabit social spaces to deconstruct them: 1) The first, ‘It’s just the beginning’, as a preview of the next EP of the same
The song, titled ‘Femme casi fatale’, is an explosion of energy that captures the feeling of starting something new with determination and a touch of rebellion. It is an anthem for those who seek to break away from the established order. 2) ‘Femme casi fatale’ is a tribute to femmes fatales through the story of a boy who yearns to emulate their magnetism and mystery to be one of them. This song not only seeks to celebrate the intriguing legacy of femmes fatales, but also to revitalize the eighties musical essence that evokes reminiscences of iconic bands such as The Smiths and The Housemartins. 3) ‘Gótica culona’ offers the angriest and rock side of Jester. It delves into an everyday story, capturing confusion and disappointment through the experience of receiving ambiguous messages and unsatisfying farewells. In addition to exploring themes such as ghosting, gaslighting and other forms of dysfunctional relationships. 4) Finally, the EP closes with ‘Orfeo serás tú’. This song, which pays homage to the mythological figures of Orpheus and Eurydice, explores themes of self-improvement and the need to let go in order to learn to truly love. It’s not your typical romantic ballad; rather, it’s an intimate testimony about inner struggle and the search for meaning.

“It’s just the beginning” It is now available on platforms and consists of four songs recorded in Hitmakers Studio and produced by Valen Nieto and Kiko Knight thanks to Exact
Musical (Music Workshop).

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