TSHA feels like Madonna and Beyoncé at their “girls” party

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TSHA feels like Madonna and Beyoncé at their “girls” party

TSHA, one of the most important electronic producers today thanks to her well-known sessions, her album ‘Capricorn Sun’ and songs like ‘Sister’ or ‘Giving Up’, has a new album. ‘Sad Girl’ will be released on September 27th and the great track that leads it was released at the end of June. ‘Girls’ is our Song of the Day to wake up this Monday.

PIAS presents this song as “a true club anthem for the girls and the gays.” Rose Grey is the one who gives voice to these lyrics that speak to us about “not getting stuck in a fantasy but flying,” of “living as if we were young forever.” In addition, there is a mention of Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ right at the beginning of the song, and also one of Beyoncé’s ‘Run the World (Girls)’ on a bridge through Autotune.

The song, however, is more of an electropop song, with a trance feel that could have been designed by Faithless in the 90s. This is what PIAS says about their new album, anticipating that there will be less euphoric moments:

«With ‘Sad Girl’, TSHA welcomes a new era, one in which she puts her own vocal stamp on the songs and approaches the genres she has always wanted, instead of seeking the approval of her peers. Beyond showing only the euphoric or melancholic side of her character, TSHA exposes it all. It is a work that shows that it is okay to be sad, and that it is even possible to enjoy it; after all, you cannot have the good without the bad.»

Another song we know from the tracklist is ‘Sweet Devotion’.
1. Sad Girl (feat. Dan Whitlam)
2. Girls (feat. Rose Gray)
3. In The Night
4. Can’t Dance (feat. Master Peace)
5. Green
6. Sweet Devotion (feat. Caroline Byrne)
7. Lonely Girl
8. In Bloom (feat. Abi Flynn)
9. Azaleas (feat. Ingrid Witt)
10. Take
11. Drive (feat. Ingrid Witt)
12. Fight

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