Tino Casal, tema central de un curso universitario

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Tino Casal, central theme of a university course

The media is full of talk about the fact that there are university courses on Taylor Swiftwell, he may deserve them, but in our country the ill-fated one also has them Tino Casalone of the Spanish pop stars of the eighties.

He Asturias Associated Center of the UNED (National University of Distance Education) organizes a course, specifically in Gijón, around the figure of the singer and plastic artist Tino Casal, who died prematurely in 1991 at the age of forty-one due to a road accident.

Tino Casal’s work has been gaining weight over the years. His material is reissued, he is claimed by artists such as the very same Rodrigo Cuevas and there are even documentaries dedicated to it. So it is not surprising that it is now the focus of a university course, “About Tino Casal: Music, image and plastic arts”.

The course will focus on various aspects of the artist’s career, mainly in the musical dimension, but also on his work as a visual artist, his collaborations with the audiovisual industry, and his contributions to fashion. Let us remember that Casal was a pioneer of rock, a melodic singer, a pop star, a producer, etc. Hence, the course approaches the artist with a multidisciplinary approach (Sociology, Musicology, Art History, History of Culture, etc.)
of popular culture…) through various professionals who will address his figure, his work and his legacy.

The course format is face-to-face or online, to be held between July 22nd and 24th. You can find out more or register at this link.

The course speakers are: Fernan del Val (Sociologist and author of the book “The Rodriguez: Without Documents”published by Sílex), Sara Arenillas (PhD in Musicology from the University of La Laguna, author of the book “Discourses, identities and transgression in Spanish popular music (1980-2010): the case of glam rock and its variants”published by SEdeM), Eduardo Vinuela (Musicologist and author of various books on music in Spain, and director of the magazine Trans), the musician and art historian Igor Paskual (musician from Loquilloleader of Babylon Chat and author of several books), Juan Gutierrez (technician at the Costume Museum and curator of various exhibitions, including “Tino Casal. Art by excess”in 2016) and Lara Gonzalez (member of bands such as Undershakers either Petit Pop and coordinator of the book “Black Gold. Twenty-five years without Tino Casal”).

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