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The July and August issue of Mondo Sonoro is now on sale

We have already started distributing the copies of Sound World corresponding to the months of July and August. An issue that has on its cover the musician and producer Alizzz on the occasion of his second feature film.

Cristian Quirante Catalan is Alizzzan artist who rose to prominence in the shadow of others, but who has had enough courage to, without abandoning it, put his consolidated role as a producer on the back burner to step on the accelerator at the head of his own musical project. “Reckless driving” (Whoa Music/Warner, 24) is their latest step to date.

Gene Simmons He can’t stand still. Those who believed or suspected that after hanging up the bass with Kiss he would stop going on stage are wrong. This summer he will be performing in our country leading the Gene Simmons Band.

Ale Acosta The former half of Fuel Fandango makes his solo debut with “Future” (Warner, 24), a debut full of dance and club music to the rhythm and beat of his island of fire, Lanzarote. Festive and progressive electronics, pulsating with vitality and freshness, under that light and that organic touch so defining in all his projects.

More than 1,800 kilometers separate Seattle from Los Angeles, but they were no obstacle for Ben Gibbard (Bremerton, Washington, 1976; Death Cab For Cutie) and Jimmy Tamborello (Santa Barbara, California, 1975; Dntel) composed that song remotely “Give Up” (03) which at the time was a fresh breath of electronic pop with an indie pop sensibility, unusual at the time, and which over time became a pop classic with capital letters. They did it, mind you, through conventional mail. Not even electronic mail.

“By Caesarean section” (Bohemian Groove, 24), second full-length by Dillom,
It came into our lives in the same way that sleep paralysis does: abruptly, with the fierce violence of suddenness, without warning and, of course, without mercy.

It was 2003 and some girls from São Paulo uploaded “Let’s Make Love And Listen To Death From Above” to the Internet. Digital shock. I’m tired of being sexy They changed the way music is made in their country, they both amazed and pleased us. Now they are visiting our country to celebrate their career.

The Liverpool duo King Hannah He stopped by Madrid to promote his new album, “Big Swimmer” (City Slang/Music As Usual, 24), a generous display of emotions in which they express their fascination with North America and its music, with a classic packaging.

After twenty-seven years of professional career, Sum 41 They hang up their boots and say goodbye to their public in style: with a vast world tour and a final studio album, entitled “Heaven :x: Hell” (Rise, 24). We will be able to see them defending it in Madrid Mad Cool July 12th.

In case of Gutierrez brothers It is a phenomenon worth studying. With a proposal that is neither very conventional nor too commercial, they have managed to captivate the public and the press. Now they publish “Cosmic Sound” (Music As Usual, 24), a twist to his personal sound.

Last summer Milo Auckerman, vocalist of Descendantssuffered a slight stroke in our country just hours before performing in Barcelona. Luckily, that is behind us and we will now be able to see them in concert again.

WOS is back in our country. This time the reason is to present his third album, “Desechable” (Dogito/Dale Play, 24), a work that he is presenting in various Spanish cities. We talked about it with the Argentine artist.

Scenic whirlwind as it is, Lila Downs visits us and that is always excellent news. The Mixtec vocalist, composer, anthropologist, producer and actress has been renewing Mexican music for more than two decades, and she is still squeezing out the remarkable arguments of “The Sanchez” (Sony, 23).

And that’s all for our main interviews, but you can also find a special article in which we review track by track the debut album of the Americans. Weezeras well as shorter interviews with The Teskey Brothers either Alu. And finally, don’t forget our usual sections dedicated to reviews of records, books, comics, series, films and, of course, enjoying the playlist that we put together every month with the contents of the issue, so that you can add a soundtrack to your reading.

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