The Big Moon sings of longing on 'Summer Still Comes'

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The Big Moon sings of longing on ‘Summer Still Comes’

At the end of 2022, ‘Here Is Everything’, The Big Moon’s third studio album, was released. But now, almost a year later, the British indie-rock band launches its deluxe edition, in which they take the opportunity to include two new songs. Already immersed in the middle of autumn, the one that stands out the most is ‘Summer Still Comes’.

With almost a minute of introductory instrumental and another closing one, the song dances with sensations instead of with the narrative itself. And, despite the title, ‘Summer Still Comes’ feels incredibly autumnal: its music evokes a Sunday in front of the fireplace or a walk at sunset while the leaves fall from the trees.

Insistently repeating “summer is still coming,” the theme functions as a longing for a season that has already passed. Hence, perhaps, its launch in October seems the most suitable. However, the lyrics end up being much more complex, and that longing becomes a lament for what was experienced with a person who is no longer there and who is missed (be it a partner, a family member or a friend).

“One day I’m boiling, one day I’m cold, watching the seasons,” The Big Moon sings in one of the verses. From summer to winter and from winter to summer, the narrator has remained paralyzed while time continues to pass. “But it doesn’t mean anything until I have you here by my side,” she finishes in the chorus.

For The Big Moon, summer always comes. Even if the trauma has not been overcome or the pain is too great to give importance to anything else, summer will eventually arrive. And it will do so because, whether we like it or not, life goes on. ‘Summer Still Comes’ knows how to reflect this wonderfully.

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