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‘Take My Time’ is Normani’s pop chic moment

Normani has just released her long-awaited debut album, ‘Dopamine’. It’s been a long time coming because it’s been six years since the former Fifth Harmony member released her first solo single, ‘Motivation’. In all this time, Normani has faced difficulties both professionally and personally. However, ‘Dopamine’ has arrived confidently, offering a collection of pure, sexy and mature R&B that finds Normani in good form.

In the repertoire of ‘Dopamine’, one song clearly stands out, which stands out from the general R&B line of the album. ‘Take My Time’ offers the most openly POP moment of the album. It is the Song Of The Day.

‘Take My Time’ imagines Normani on the dance floor using a pop-house inspired base. A bass prominently marks the rhythm, and house piano notes add a second layer of melody in the chorus. The differentiating element of ‘Take My Time’ is the exquisite taste with which the rhythmic base is approached, a taste also present in the vocal production. Normani likes to weave a good, dense and heavenly harmony: it is clear that she has studied at the school of Brandy and Janet Jackson. And ‘Take My Time’ is finger-licking good, combining the chic style of musical production with the sophisticated vocal harmonies that Normani loves so much.

And, like any good pop moment that seeks to be a classic, ‘Take My Time’ takes things up a notch in its second half by adding a second chorus that improves the first. In this way, Normani reinforces the message of the song: she wants her lover to “take his time” to seduce her, but warns him not to stop “halfway” and to go for it.

‘Take My Time’ is rounded off with an instrumental finale that gives the spotlight to the house-like piano chords of the chorus. It’s the icing on the cake of a perfectly crafted pop song.

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