“Super Acho”, once bandas extremeñas homenajean a Los Planetas

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“Super Acho”, eleven bands from Extremadura pay tribute to Los Planetas

The next July 16th will be published “Super Acho”a tribute to the reference “Super 8” of The planets by eleven bands from Extremadura. The album will include all the songs from the album and two from “New Sensations EP”.

We can’t think of a better time to pay tribute to the debut album by Granada-based Los Planetas than these past few months, when the band has been performing their songs all over the country. But what we didn’t expect was that eleven bands would come together to perform all the songs from the album and two more from the EP. “New Sensations”. It is one of the most influential albums in the history of Spanish indie, so it never hurts to pay tribute to it.

“Super Acho” will be released on July 16 on digital platforms through the Estudio Mazmorra record label, with a cover by the designer Monica Agudowhich adapts “extremeña style” the famous illustration by Javier Aramburu.

As for the participating artists, we will meet Bolsa de Moscas, Balarrasa, Ruiseñora, Fônal, Chop Chop & Los Chicos de Shooterville, Subterráneos, Burgim, Lua Gramer, KMKR, PuertoHurraco and Ehta GenteThe project has been led by Chema Castaño (Balarrasa), with the aim of not only paying tribute to Los Planetas, but also promoting a music scene in Extremadura. All the songs are self-produced by the bands themselves.

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