SOPHIE's inner voice hammers in 'Reason Why'

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SOPHIE’s inner voice hammers in ‘Reason Why’

SOPHIE’s latest album, and her first posthumous work, will be available on September 27. The first single from the new ‘SOPHIE’, ‘Reason Why’ featuring Kim Petras and BC Kingdom, is now available on platforms.

‘SOPHIE’ will be the follow-up to the British artist’s debut album, ‘OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES’ and her latest album release. According to the press release, the album was produced between the artist and her brother, Benny Long, and completed “with great love for him and those close to her.”

Her family says: “Sophie did not usually talk publicly about her private life, preferring to express everything she wanted to express in her music. The fair thing is to share with the world the music that she hoped to publish, with the conviction that we can all connect with her in this way, the one that she loved the most.

There are those who will think that SOPHIE’s album will be made up of abandoned half-made scraps. This production is not the most imaginative or revolutionary that he signed. But in truth there are many of his songs that have been circulating on the networks over the years. The first time it is known that SOPHIE played ‘Reason Why’ was in 2018, as reported by Genius users. He also played it at Sónar 2018, already with the participation of the duo BC Kingdom, and in full in 2019 in Las Vegas.

‘Reason Why’, our Song of the Day today, is made up of two clearly differentiated parts. Kim Petras’ voice repeats the chorus ad nauseam, like one of those mantras about identity that SOPHIE could use to reaffirm herself. “Look inside yourself, what is in your life, in your eyes, and know the reason.” On the other hand, BC Kingdom in his verse and Kim Petras later add a little more lyrics than it seems, talking about love (“can’t people like you love people like me?”).

And also about “getting paid like a DJ” and receiving “designer clothes that I don’t know how to pronounce.” Perhaps as a way to achieve the freedom that hovers over part of the text: “it’s my life, I do what I want, no one is going to tell me anything.” In any case, in the end, one of the most hammering productions of his career, between tropical, houselike and bubbly beats with the house’s trademark.

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