Fallece Shifty Shellshock, quien fuera vocalista de Crazy Town

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Shifty Shellshock (Crazy Town) is revealed to have died of an overdose

A few days ago the death of Seth Binzerwhom we knew artistically as Shifty Shellshocklead vocalist of the nu metal band Crazy Town. Now the causes of his death have been revealed.

Binzer was forty-nine years old at the time of his death and the only thing that had been officially confirmed at first was that his body had been found lifeless in his home. Now the singer’s representative, Howie Hubbermanhas stated that the cause of death was a drug overdose. According to his comments, “Seth had been struggling with substance abuse for some time. Unfortunately we lose a lot of people to addiction and the accessibility of hard drugs. What happened to Shifty is a true tragedy. Too unexpected, too hard, too soon.”

Crazy Town became one of the most successful groups of the most commercial evolution of nu metal in its most rapper and funky aspect. Their first album, “The Gift Of Game” (99) sold more than two and a half million copies worldwide and placed the popular hit “Butterfly” at the top of the charts. The song was based on a sample of “Pretty Little Ditty” by Red Hot Chili Pepperswith whom they toured in those days.

After a second full-length album, Crazy Town broke up in 2003 to return later in 2007 and release a third album in 2015 under the title “The Brimstone Sluggers”. As soon as Crazy Town separated, Shifty Shellshock began a solo career with which he also did not obtain the expected impact after having been number one in the United States with “The Gift Of Game”.

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