Shannis Has You Dangling in 'Get Out the Bottle'

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Shannis Has You Dangling in ‘Get Out the Bottle’

You may not know who the protagonist of our “Revelation or Scam” section is today, but you may have seen some reaction or meme these months of a super effusive lady shouting “Swear! Swear!”

Shannis had already been uploading comedy videos on TikTok for some time in which her absurd-intense monologues predominated, but it was because of that small viralization that she has begun to become known. It also influences, of course, that Álvaro Mayo from Operación Triunfo 2023 was a fan of hers and reproduced her phrases within the Academy, bringing her closer to an audience far beyond Seville and the Twitter niche.

Shannis went on the odd podcast, recorded one of her monologues with La Zowi as a guest star, and was also adopted by Samantha Hudson, in her own Madonna and Britney kiss: the author of “get down from there!” She gives (or shares) the scepter to the author of “you have me with my legs hanging!”.

But we’re talking about her because these weeks she released her first single: ‘Saca la Botella’ is not exactly a cover (the nod comes from another of her videos, where she danced to the original), but rather a crushing mess that has verses like “my ass is the hook, her grandfather’s favorite”, “give me rush, the thong is broken, I’m trash” and the jewel in the crown: “my ass eats listening to Niña Pastori while I record a story”. Not a day without poetry.

In the song, produced by OkeyLoyys and Golub, Shannis even manages to include hyperpop and techno, with the madness of the final part being the best by far. Taking into account that she has signed with the same agency as Jedet, Ms Nina or Zowi herself, we imagine that this will not be the last song we hear from her. From the website we have tried to contact Shannis to find out his next steps on a musical level, his influences, her wedding to Álvaro Mayo, etc., but we have not been able to get answers. We will have to look for them in ‘Take out the bottle’.

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