Sabrina Carpenter announces 'Short N' Sweet' and new single

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Sabrina Carpenter continues to sweep, and achieves her first top 1 in the USA

It’s clear that this year it’s Sabrina Carpenter. The American has just achieved her first number 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 thanks to ‘Please Please Please’. As if that were not enough, ‘Espresso’, released almost 3 months ago, occupies number 4 on the list.

In 2024 alone, Carpenter has scored her first Top 40 with ‘Feather,’ her first Top 10 with ‘Espresso,’ her first Top 5 with ‘Espresso,’ and her first No. 1 with ‘Please Please Please.’ She hasn’t done it just any old way, either, breaking records along the way.

She is the first artist in history to have her first two Top 3 hits at the same time without any collaborating artists. The only ones who have also achieved this in history have been the Beatles, who achieved it 60 years ago, as Billboard clarifies. Looking at Spotify’s Top 50, Carpenter also occupies the top two spots, with ‘Please Please Please’ at No. 1 and ‘Espresso’ at No. 2.

In fact, before ‘Please Please Please’ was No. 1 on Spotify Global, so was ‘Espresso’, displacing itself from the top of the chart. This overwhelming success indicates that ‘Short n’ Sweet’, Carpenter’s sixth album, has a good chance of being the most successful album of the year. This will be available on August 23. And who knows if Sabrina has more macro hits hidden in the tracklist.

For now, in the United Kingdom it maintains positions 1 and 2 with ‘Please Please Please’ and ‘Espresso’, respectively. In Spain ‘Please Please Please’ rises to number 23 while ‘Espresso’ remains stable at number 34 (after having been number 32). Not bad for an Anglo-Saxon artist. As always, almost the entire list is full of songs in Spanish.

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