Rodrigo Cuevas puts on some creams against fascism

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Rodrigo Cuevas puts on some creams against fascism

With the theory that a “skin routine” is going to work better on Instagram than promoting critical thinking bareback, Rodrigo Cuevas has put a cream on a Reels while giving his opinion on Milei’s new visit to Spain. In it, Ayuso will be decorated.

Cuevas describes both as “bad people”: he calls him “the biggest fascist there is now, although they are changing” and he considers her “a boss of bad people.” Cuevas anticipates that they will fight among themselves “to see who breaks the most barriers by saying subnormalities. Very big things that don’t fit down their throats, things that they don’t even believe themselves, things that if they were to witness, they would be horrified. (And they do it) to make us angry, so that we run to Instagram and Twitter and make them trending topics, because they make a living from that. “They live by being a trending topic, by making us angry, by confronting us.”

The artist “shades” Inés Arrimadas from Ciudadanos even more, referring to her as “that lady who no one will remember her name, and who is in absolute irrelevance”, for that time when “she went to Vic to do dirty politics.” It was in 2019. But he regrets that she did not take to the streets to protest enough.

Encourage people: “Wouldn’t it be amazing if these weren’t TTs tomorrow? It would be ideal, and instead we would become truly politicized. Being politicized is not writing something on Twitter or hating the fishmonger because he has not positioned himself sufficiently. Being politicized is what these people would hate the most. That we associate, that we get involved in the associations that defend our neighborhoods from speculation, that welcome racialized people, that welcome people in an irregular situation, that we organize ourselves on a daily basis, that we dedicate part of our time to organizations that fight “truly against fascism.”

Rodrigo Cuevas published one of the best albums of 2023, ‘Manual de romería’. Already then he left us the headline during an interview «Everything is politics, even fun; “Silence is also political.”

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