Rayden y Sandra Delaporte juntos en “Nacimos tarde”

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Rayden and Sandra Delaporte together in “We were born late”

Rayden and Sandra Delaporte They sing together “We were born late”. The collaboration was born as the soundtrack of a campaign for a commercial brand. On July 4 they will perform it together at an event to be held in the center of Madrid.

“Nacimos tarde” was written by Rayden himself –David Martínez Álvarez– together with Sara Blanco and is a reinterpretation of the song for the “Born to Live” campaign by Royal Bliss –a brand owned by Coca-Cola–, but what interests us is the topic in question that has been shared today on platforms and that, therefore, you can now listen to repeatedly.

And the truth is that the voices of Rayden and Sandra Delaporte –who has also recently published the dark electronic EP “Love songs” under the name ALEXXANDRA – fit perfectly to give the song a sense of a “millennial anthem”, as described in the press release that accompanies the song.

In any case, the song is published with both artists still very active, although in the case of Rayden he is immersed in his farewell tour throughout the peninsula.

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