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Pedal vs Pedalboard: Which is better for you?

pedal vs pedalboards

Pedal vs Pedalboard, the eternal doubt of guitarists. Since digital effects pedals saw the light, they have not stopped making comparisons against the analog pedals that at the time had a monopoly in terms of effects for electric guitars.

Many professionals in the world of guitars are pigeonholed into analog sound because they defend tooth and nail that their sound cannot be compared to a digital effect.

It is true that at first when multi-effects pedals were launched, they did not provide the performance that was assumed because the sound was unrealistic and seemed a bit like the sound of a game boy. But of course, this was 30 years ago and the technology of these digital devices does not stop growing and growing until it reaches a level that has nothing to envy of an analog pedal.

Pedal VS Pedalboard. Advantages and disadvantages of each

Analog Pedals

Boss DD 8 Pedal

The old ones, the classics. Old school music lovers and guitarists are its staunch defenders. Great artists have made history with this type of pedals that last for years and years (and look like they will continue to do so). Those who use these devices are clear about their preference between the Pedal VS Pedalera duel.

The best thing about using individual pedals

As the most notable advantages of the individual pedals have:

  • They are very easy to place on the pedal board.
  • They do not require configurations or movements that make us lose track of what they really offer, the effect itself.
  • They typically offer excellent sound quality.
  • The individual pedals move very simply in a pedal chain. We only need to physically change them to put at our disposal the order of the pedals that we want in our performances.
  • We manage everything through its knobs.
  • You can use a compact pedalboard make your set of digital effects.

Disadvantages of the pedal

We are also going to comment on the less “good” aspects of these beloved devices:

  • It has a power supply by pedal, which is sometimes quite uncomfortable and impractical.
  • One effect per pedal, if you want more you have to spend the money. Some of them can be quite expensive.
  • Some, not all, are of considerable size and weigh their own weight. And if you have several you will be left with a fairly heavy pedal board.

Analog Pedal Recommendations

  • Boss DD 8
  • Ibanez TS Mini
  • Tc electronic HALL OF FAME 2

Multi-effects pedals


Since they were first launched until today, they have only dedicated themselves to growing and growing. By growing we are referring to the performance they offer, the quality of the sound, the aesthetics or the technical issues that have been perfected over time.

If we enter the extensive world of digital pedalboards we will not be able to get out of there, since there is a huge number of companies and models that offer very innovative as well as agile solutions that are even used for recordings in studios and performances in studios. straight.

The work of the pedalboards multieffects is to change the sound using digital chips and offer us a wide range of simulations of analog effects such as amplifier simulationsreverb, delay and a long etc.

Advantages of multi-effects pedals vs pedals

Without a doubt, betting on these devices has many benefits. As most important we can name the following:

  • A large number of effects and the possibility of combining them with each other to achieve very creative sounds.
  • They allow you to achieve variations within the same type of effect, such as delays or echo.
  • They offer the advantage of having and using effects or sounds that you would not normally buy individually
  • The convenience in transportation of having everything we need in one piece
  • You only need a power supply to use them
  • You can customize and edit sounds as well as effect sequences.

Disadvantages of using digital pedalboards

On the contrary, there are a series of points that we have to take into account if we think about purchasing a pedal board. The most important are:

  • These devices often have small screens that make it difficult for us to see during performances.
  • Adjustments and configurations must be made before using them because as they come standard they do not usually perform as well as they can.
  • It is necessary to spend hours and understand the mechanism because at the beginning to be able to master it.
  • Although as we have mentioned, there are models with really good sounds, an analog one will almost always give you better results.

Recommendations for digital pedalboards

  • HeadRush MX5
  • Nux MG-30

Finally, we leave you a video by Adry Serrano where he explains more about the debate Pedal VS Pedalboard.

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