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New Boss Katana

Boss Katana Range

Today we are going to show you the benefits of the new Boss Katana amps, presenting both the new bass range and the Katana 100 MKII for guitar.

Boss Katana 110 Bass and 210 Bass

Boss Katana Bass Range

And the bassists are in luck, since they can finally enjoy the excellent Katana sound. We can select between 110 and 210 (with one or two 10” woofers, respectively). Both have the same path and signal processing, with the main difference being in the power: the 110 has a 60W stage and the 210 gives a massive 160W. But don’t worry if your intention is to use them at home, since both have a selector “power control” with which you can reduce the maximum power to 1W so as not to knock down the walls.

You will also have a compressor and distortion at the input, three types of amplifier simulation, one 4 band EQ and two Boss multi-effects. All adorned with XLR line outputheadphone output with e-emulation USB interfacewith the possibility of managing your tones with the editor Boss Tone Studio.

You can buy them here.

Boss Katana 100 MKII

Boss Katana 100 MKII

This follows the same guidelines as the previous models, but strengthens it to continue being one of the most cutting-edge transistor amps on the market. Variations of the emulations are added, so we have 10 instead of the previous 5. We also have to add two categories of effects, now reaching 5. Output to link another Katana to sound in stereo, updated editing software, and its Two banks with 4 memories each make this Katana 100 MKII continue to be an excellent option both for home and for rehearsal or stage.

You can buy it here.

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