Musical Fidelity M6x 250.11 and M6x 250.5 multi-channel power amplifiers

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Musical Fidelity M6x 250.11 and M6x 250.5 multi-channel power amplifiers

There is no doubt that the sound of a film is a significant part of providing emotions and telling stories, to the point that silence is as important as the most intense and impactful scenes. Hence the creators of soundtracks use sound effects, foley and music to ensure that the viewer enjoys an experience as realistic as possible. All of this leads to the conclusion that a sound bar will never be able to reproduce the sensation of a full-size cinema, and even less so if it incorporates multidimensional or 3D surround sound, which requires a minimum of 7 channels. This is the reason for the existence of the M6x 250.11 and the M6x 250.5, two new and impressive audiophile-grade multi-channel power amplifiers that Musical Fidelity has just launched on the market.

M6x 250.11Musical Fidelity

An elegant and minimalist aesthetic, a robust all-metal construction and a set of connections that includes balanced and unbalanced inputs for each channel, are the prelude to two electronics equipped with some of the engineering solutions that have given so much prestige to the veteran firm. British. In the case of the M6x 250.11which, as its name suggests, uses a 11 channel configurationwe find a structure with as many amplification modules in Independent Class AB, which deliver 250 continuous watts each for the main front channels and 150 continuous watts each for the effects channels. For its part, a opulent power supply starring two imposing and extremely silent toroidal transformers audiophile grade, ensures exceptionally clean power deliverythus maximizing both the level of detail and the dynamic range of the sound scene obtained.

M6x 250.5 by Musical Fidelity

Furthermore, the sophisticated thermal dissipation system design of the M6x 250.11 eliminates the need to use forced ventilation, by keeping the operating temperature controlled at all times. Identical conception and structure exhibits the M6x 250.5in this case the only difference being the type of configuration used, in this case 5 channelsand the output power, which is 250 continuous watts per channel. Musical Fidelity’s new multi-channel power amplifiers are completed with high-quality connection terminals to ensure a perfect connection to the speakers, to which is added the possibility of sending the same sign to multiple inputs via RCA jack for routing/distribution. Additionally, the M6x 250.11 and M6x 250.5 include a entrance and an exit for 12 V direct current trigger signal in order to synchronize its activation and deactivation from compatible components.

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