Musical Fidelity BPC3, BPC5, BPC10 and BPC16 Balanced Power Conditioners

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Musical Fidelity BPC3, BPC5, BPC10 and BPC16 Balanced Power Conditioners

Musical Fidelity has just launched a brand new product category that expands one of the most interesting high-end consumer electronics offerings of the moment. Named with the acronym BPC, aka “Balanced Power Conditioner”the new series constitutes an additional recognition of the renowned British firm to the crucial importance which has one pristine network signal in the full enjoyment of any listening experience in High Fidelity and Home Cinema, thus complementing products in which the power supply has always had a relevance primordial. Building on its generous legacy in design and manufacturing of very high quality audio componentsMusical Fidelity proposes its BPC network conditioners with the aim of improve further the performance of even the most exclusive models of the brand, and, of course, those marketed by other manufacturers that pay less attention to the power subsystems of their products, especially those related to digital audio.

Musical Fidelity BPC10

As a result, each and every BPC, from the sleek and affordable BPC3 to the imposing BPC16, has been carefully designed to fit the power consumption of connected equipmentincorporating protection against discharges with blocking of direct current signals up to 2 V, as well as protection against overvoltages and voltage drops and, of course, against overloads. In practical terms, it should be noted that the new Musical Fidelity include multiple exit zones so that the user can isolate different types of devices. These areas also allow separate devices equipped with switching and linear power supplies, as well as digital components analog preamps or power amps from the rest of the system. In terms of engineering, one of the biggest differences between the various BPCs lies in the size from its internal transformer, of toroidal, shielded type, carefully manufactured, Ultra-quiet and balanced.

Musical Fidelity BPC16

For example, the one that includes the basic model, that is, the BPC3is specifically designed to deal with a broad spectrum of sources analog and digital and low power amplifiers, while the spectacular BPC16 It is intended not only for power stages not only to very high output stereo and monophonic amplifiers, but also to their more demanding multi-channel equivalents. As far as basic specifications are concerned, the BPC3 and the BPC5 They include 4 power outlets and 2 isolated power zones that become 6 and 3 respectively in the BPC10 and 8 and 3 respectively in the BPC16. Finally, let us highlight that the four models have been thoroughly evaluated by the prestigious “Institute for Testing and Certification” to ensure the most stringent security standards available.

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