Mura Masa and Yeule “roll around” anywhere in this dancefloor-breaking song

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Mura Masa and Yeule “roll around” anywhere in this dancefloor-breaking song

Among the news from last Friday, we were especially captivated by the new collaboration of Mura Masa with yeule. The electronic producer continues to release singles that could be leading towards a fourth album that has not yet been announced, and about which not much more is known. ‘We Are Making Out’ is our Song of the Day for this Monday.

We know yeule for his taste for electric guitars, cyborg identity and retro underground productions. All of this is contained in this ‘We Are Making Out’, repetitive and hypnotizing like a robotic electroclash hit from the 2000s.

Bands like Le Tigre, Chicks on Speed ​​or even Yeah Yeah Yeahs may come to mind. At least until in the final 30 seconds the acoustic drop points towards something more pastoral and contemplative.

“Make out” in English, among other things, means “to roll up”, which accentuates the brazenness of the recording and its inclination towards the more hedonistic 2000s. The lyrics are a succession of places or situations in which to “get involved”, some as irreverent as those that dominated that style.

The subway, the London Light Rail (DLR) or with blood coming out of your nose, are some of those situations. “We’re making out because you drew a picture of my heart on a guitar and accidentally said ‘I love you'” would open the door for there to be something more. As much as that final “I love you” accompanied by much more heavenly music.

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