M.I.A. lanza un sombrero protector contra las ondas 5G

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MIA launches a protective hat against 5G waves

We don’t know if she’s totally serious or if it’s a clever joke by the artist, but MINE has launched a hat similar to the one she usually wears, but which protects against the 5G waves that flow around us.

That MIA is a committed artist who fights against imperialist policies, against the worst of capitalism and against racial and cultural prejudices is something we already knew, but now she has surprised us with an unexpected twist. In collaboration with the Ohnmi brand she has launched a piece of merchandising that is not like the ones we are used to.

MIA/Ohmni’s “tinfoil hat” is a piece that will “allow us to preserve our privacy, our autonomy through our body and our data.” The hat is just one more product the brand offers that includes things like briefs to “block electromagnetic frequencies and keep fertility out of harm’s way.” As for the hat, it will defend us from “electromagnetic waves such as WI-FI or 5G with an effectiveness of 99.999%.” Its price is 100 dollars. But there are also raincoats, bags, pants, etc.

The hat is described in the catalog as “the armor of the modern gentleman in the age of modern technological warfare.” And its reason for being is that it wants to make us aware that we live in a digital war zone and that we are never sufficiently protected, not even in our homes.

But the truth is that we doubt that the thing is serious when we read another of the brand’s comments regarding the hat: “If the conspiracy theorists are wrong, good for you, because you will have beautiful clothes made with pure silver and precious metals. But, if they are right, you may have saved the future of humanity. Here you have the brand’s website in case you want to get some of these exclusive pieces of clothing.

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