Te presentamos a S, la nueva banda de los músicos de Sugarless

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Meet S, the new band from the musicians of Sugarless

We present to you Yesthe new band of the musicians of SugarlessThe trio is currently on the road with the single/clip “Reacción en cadena” and their first tour dates.

A new stage begins for the musicians of Sugarless (group whose career spanned between 1995 and 2006), who now stand up to the present under a new name, S. Sugarless were one of the groups that best combined rock and rap in the territory, resulting in a crossover that took them to stages all over the country and led them to share the bill with bands like Audioslave, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill or Slipknotto name a few.

S is made up of the musicians, authors and founders of Sugarless: Frankie on the guitar and Samuelto the battery. To which he joins Sammy as a vocalist. Together they create a combination of alternative rock with funk, rap, hard rock and other related genres that comes close to the postulates of bands like Rage Against The Machine, Incubus or even the Red Hot Chili Peppers more forceful.

As for those first concert dates that we talked about a few lines above, you can see them in Vitoria (Friday, October 11, Jimmy Jazz), Vigo (Saturday, October 19, La Fábrica de Chocolate), Murcia (Friday, October 25, Garaje Beat), Valencia (Friday, November 8, Rock City), Gijón (Saturday, November 23, Sala Budda ), Seville (Saturday, December 21, Room X) and Madrid (Friday, February 7, 2025, Room Independance). You can expand the information and get tickets at this same link.

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