London Grammar transforms 'Espresso' into a ballad

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London Grammar transforms ‘Espresso’ into a ballad

London Grammar have a new album finished called ‘The Greatest Love’ and will release it on September 13th. So far, the authors of the albums ‘If You Wait’, ‘Truth Is a Beautiful Thing’ and ‘Californian Soil’ have released three singles. The singles have been called ‘Into Gold’, ‘Kind of Man’ and ‘House’ and are totally faithful to their minimalist, intimate and electronic style.

Hannah Reid’s band has said that the album will have the most direct lyrics of their career, although as always, they will be “about love, relationships, losing versions of yourself” but from a “more celebratory” point of view. They say that the album has more “color.”

Some of that can be heard in the drum&bass of ‘House’, in the final part of ‘Into Gold’, a song that lasts almost 6 minutes; or in the final humming of ‘Kind of Man’.

Although if we’re talking about colour, perhaps we should mention her words about Sabrina Carpenter this weekend when they covered her on the BBC. Hannah has said that she loves Sabrina Carpenter because she reminds her of the pop music she listened to as a teenager. She has also said that she loves her videos and that in particular, from ‘Espresso’, she loves the line “I’m working late / ‘Cause I’m a singer”.

However, London Grammar’s version of this composition is not its most electronic and danceable version, but they have decided to reduce ‘Espresso’ to its minimalist version. It is for piano. As for the single they have decided to make, it is ‘Into Gold’.

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