Lola Indigo, fed up with "verbal harassment" after her photos with Achraf Hakimi

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Lola Indigo, fed up with “verbal harassment” after her photos with Achraf Hakimi

Lola Indigo has published a tweet in which she responds to all the “harassment and verbal violence” received in recent days after the publication of some photos of her with the footballer Achraf Hakimi, accused of rape last year.

The ‘LA REINA’ singer has received hundreds of negative messages in recent days after publishing some photographs in which they were seen together enjoying a holiday in Ibiza. Today, the Andalusian responded to all the criticism with a tweet.

“After two days of being harassed and verbally abused in every way, with sexualized and misogynistic comments, insults about my physical appearance, and my family and friends worried about what they’ve had to read, I wonder, if I was just on vacation with my friends and you took the time to humiliate me for two days, what does that make you?” the artist concludes.

This comes after Indigo posted a response yesterday afternoon, which she later deleted, responding to accusations that she was in a relationship with the footballer. However, she clarified that “I have been in a relationship for two years” and that “they associate me with a man because we breathe the same air.”

The internet has been filled with comments accusing the singer of being a “hypocrite”, while others defend her freedom of choice in her private life. “Cheer up my girl, people speak without knowing,” writes one user, while another criticizes the Andalusian for giving “feminist speeches everywhere” while she surrounds herself with “rapists, sexists and misogynists.”

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