LISA transforms into a 'ROCKSTAR' in her new hit

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LISA transforms into a ‘ROCKSTAR’ in her new hit

LISA continues her solo career outside of BLACKPINK, whose latest album, ‘Born Pink’, was released in 2022. LISA’s new single is titled ‘ROCKSTAR’ and its success has been immediate: the song has entered directly at number 8 on Spotify’s global ranking, currently hovering around the top 20; and its views on YouTube have exceeded 50 million in just three days.

Among the countries where ‘ROCKSTAR’ occupies the number 1 spot on Spotify is Thailand, where LISA is originally from. In fact, the music video for ‘ROCKSTAR’ was filmed in Bangkok and is as spectacular as you’d expect.

‘ROCKSTAR’ is another of those LISA tracks dominated by explosive musical production and full of rhythm changes. The busy hip-hop base gives way, at the end of each chorus, to a brief keyboard segment that evokes a gothic sound. The final part of ‘ROCKSTAR’ even seems to be inspired by the classic rock ballad. In any case, ‘ROCKSTAR’ offers the typical cocktail of styles typical of our time. For her part, LISA offers an irresistible hook in the chorus: «Make your favorite singer wanna rap, baby, la la/ ‘Lisa, can you teach me Japanese?’ I said, ‘Hai hai’» promises to become an iconic phrase in her discography.

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