Leticia Sabater, in Pablo Motos' arms to tell her story and operations

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Leticia Sabater, in Pablo Motos’ arms to tell her story and operations

This Monday, Spain’s match against Albania at Euro 2024 led ‘El Hormiguero’ to one of its poorest audience figures of the entire year (less than 1 million viewers), but the coincidence did not make Leticia Sabater discouraged.

The former presenter of ‘At Midday… Joy’ jumped onto the set like a whirlwind, threw herself into the arms of Pablo Motos, sure that he “could handle her”, climbed onto the table without permission out of fear of the realization. that the furniture would not hold, and he talked a lot about his hymen reconstruction. “I have a suspicion that the program has gotten out of hand,” the presenter declared.

Claiming that “the networks do not always support her like the public does,” Leticia Sabater fought for her 15 minutes of glory to give everything possible. She revealed that no one has kissed her for 5 years, and that she also drives herself to her galas, even at night after finishing performing, which is why she claimed to be a “truck driver by day, and a singer by night.”

Pablo Motos recalled some of his hits, such as ‘Salchipapa’, ‘Papa Noel, lléme el tanke’ or ‘Titi, cómeme el toto’, and Sabater thanked the “gay public” for supporting her long before all that, specifically from ‘Mr Policeman’.

In a part of the conversation that was quite funny for what is usually ‘El Hormiguero’, Leticia Sabater talked about her lifting or abdominal operations, saying that she is “more about cutting” than “filling.” She gave special detail about her hymen operation, which she underwent because she could not tolerate relationships with men who had large penises.

“Please keep it small,” he used to pray. “I have left several because they are too big (…) a guy you love can literally destroy you,” she said, before noting that after the operation “now all the virile artifacts fit (her) very well.” She also recalled that sex is not so easy for women: “The first time, where does it go in, where does it come out, what happens inside? It’s very complicated”.

At other points in the interview that were less typical of a revelation script, Sabater said that her grandfather told her when she was little that her physique “was beyond repair.” “I was born cross-eyed, with an eye patch, crooked knees, a small hymen… I didn’t lack any detail.” That led her to “suffer a lot at school”, to “be called everything, until she was 13.” However, she believes that thanks to her attitude and her determination, she managed to find a place in the world of entertainment, especially when she was hired for a show with Luis Miguel. This despite the fact that her family, which she revealed was related to the Martínez-Bordiú and Franco, did not support her. “She had always wanted to be Raffaella Carrá, to entertain and make people happy,” she also left herself as the headline.

The complete program can be seen on the Antena 3 website.

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