Kesha returns to pop music in 'Joyride': this is what it sounds like

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Kesha returns to pop music in ‘Joyride’: this is what it sounds like

Kesha was caught these days setting up her own “stolen” at a gas station. The paparazzi “came across” her by “chance” filling up. Everything had its reason: Kesha is preparing the release of a new single, with a travel title, ‘Joyride’, and she has chosen this gas station aesthetic that you see in the image to promote it. It comes out on July 4th.

Kesha shared a short preview of ‘Joyride’ on social media and then premiered the song live at Planet Pride in Brooklyn. ‘Joyride’ promises a return for Kesha to the danceable, silly and fun pop of her early days.

The release of ‘Joyride’ is almost set to coincide -coincidentally or not- with Katy Perry’s ‘Woman’s World’, which comes out on July 11. Perry has once again worked with Dr. Luke on her new work, a decision that is being highly questioned by her fans. With this new release, Kesha seems ready to compete again on the charts with Katy Perry, as she did in her time of commercial glory, when both worked with the same person, Dr. Luke.

Dr. Luke, who was accused of rape and abuse by Kesha, reached a legal agreement with the “Animal” singer a year ago to settle their decade-long dispute.

In 2023, Kesha released ‘Gag Order’, her latest album. It contained the soulful ‘Eat the Acid’ and was her most experimental work to date.

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