Katy Perry unfurls a huge dress against her backlash

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Katy Perry unfurls a huge dress against her backlash

Katy Perry teased a few days ago her new single, which was to be her big comeback after the lukewarm reception of her previous album, ‘Smile’, released 4 years ago.

But the ‘Woman’s World’ campaign is being disastrous for three reasons: the “teaser” that was shown, somewhat crude, was not liked very much. Secondly, there is still too much left for the single to see the light of day. It will not be published until July 11, so the issue will have to deal with several weeks of hype and speculation. And third, Katy Perry has confirmed that she has worked with Dr. Luke on his new album.

Dr Luke has been a key figure in the artist’s career, as he appears in the credits of ‘I Kissed a Girl’, ‘Hot N Cold’, ‘Teenage Dream’, ‘California Gurls’, ‘Roar’ or ‘Dark Horse’. If we look at the 10 most listened to songs by Katy Perry on Spotify, Dr. Luke is in 9 of them: in all, except ‘Firework’. So, perhaps for Katy Perry he is a lucky charm. However, the world of pop does not seem to be going to forgive him, after the trial and mutual complaints between Dr. Luke and Kesha for abuse and defamation.

The case was closed after a settlement, but Dr. Luke’s career has never been the same. The producer continues to work on dozens of singles a year, but with some exceptions, he is no longer with such well-known artists. His main project is Kim Petras, although he also appears on some singles that have been number 1 in the last couple of years, such as ‘Super Freaky Girl’ by Nicki Minaj. Once again, it seems that excess anticipation is working against Katy Perry.

When there are still more than 15 days left for the release of the single, and when no one can guess why it is simply not released now, the artist has given the note at Paris Fashion Week. When she was about to enter her hotel, she displayed a red dress whose long train, meters and more meters long, could read – in other words – the lyrics of the single ‘Woman’s World’. The nonsense has been very effective and does not stop circulating on the networks.

From July 11th we will see if Katy Perry’s song is worth it, if we went crazy like the day we prematurely condemned ‘Hentaï’ or if the playlists and radio stations welcome ‘Woman’s World’ and it all ends up as an absurd Twitter controversy. Yet another one.

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