Kartell says yes to Justin Bieber, no to the White Stripes

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Kartell says yes to Justin Bieber, no to the White Stripes

Kartell is one of the key names behind the Parisian independent label Roche Musique, which has been bringing the “French touch” to dance floors in France and around the world since 2012. Fans of this sound will be familiar with the playful work of Dabeull, for example, or especially that of Darius, who has a handful of multi-million-selling hits under his belt, crafted in the nu-disco style that has defined Roche Musique’s sound for over a decade.

‘All In’, ‘Lush’, ‘Pantera’ and his remixes for Lianne La Havas, Télépopmusik and Karma Kid are among Kartell’s outstanding productions, who has also been travelling around the world since 2012 – after the release of his EP ‘Riviera’ – making audiences dance to a sophisticated mix of house, nu-disco and R&B rhythms. Looking at his musical recommendations, the music that inspires him currently or the one that has left its mark on him in his youth, this mix of styles makes perfect sense.

Kartell, who has just released his debut album, ‘Everything is Here’, will perform alongside Darius on July 6 at Barcelona’s Razzmatazz. Tickets are still on sale at a price of 22 euros in advance purchase and 25 euros at the box office.

What is your favorite album of all time?

‘The Weight’ by Weval.

What song has been obsessing you lately?

‘Caramel’ by Connan Mockasin.

What song do you hate with all your soul?

‘Seven Nation Army’ by The White Stripes.

What album do you remember fondly from your adolescence?

‘Hold Up’ by Superfunk or ‘White Poney’ by Deftones.

What video do you remember that impacted you when you were young?

I wouldn’t say I was “impacted” but I have a vivid memory of watching Aaliyah’s ‘Try Again’ music video as a teenager. I thought it was very special aesthetically.

What album do you remember fondly from your childhood?

Dr. Dre’s ‘2001’ was the first CD I ever bought and I remember staring at the cover and booklet on the way home in ecstasy as I listened to it.

What song do you love to play?

A song from my first album, which came out a few weeks ago, ‘Too Much of the Same Things’ with Kurtis Wells.

A song you’re embarrassed to like, or is there no such thing as guilty pleasure?

‘Hold Tight’ by Justin Bieber. I don’t remember how I discovered it, but I think it’s a really good song, and I’m not ashamed of liking it.

A song or album that made you want to dedicate yourself to music?

‘Talkie Walkie’ by Air.

What is your favorite part of producing music?

I love the moment when all the elements come together and I can’t do anything but get up and dance around the studio.

Tell us an unpopular opinion you have about music.

Dance music is the most difficult genre to produce.

What song cheers you up before going out to party?

‘Everybody Get Down’ by Alphonse Mouzon.

A vocal performance that you love.

Kenny Logins singing ‘What a Fool to Believe’ at Redwoods in 1992. Logins’ vocal performance, alongside Michael McDonald’s, and the live arrangements are out of this world.

A song that no one would guess you like?

‘Superman’ by Laurie Anderson.

Exact moment in a song that gives you life… or makes you cry.

‘Name of God’ by Mustafa from start to finish. This song reminds me of the Elliot Smith era. It puts a very emotional spin on folk and R&B.

Favorite artist of the moment?

Ethel. Everything she releases has brilliant production and a balance between R&B, pop and electronica. I have her song ‘WANNAGO?’ on repeat.

A remix that drives you crazy?

‘ADD SUV’ by Uffie, the club remix by Armand Van Helden. This remix never gets old and is always a hit in my sessions.

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