Karavana nos llevan de fiesta en “¿Quién quiere más?”

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Karavana takes us to the party in “Who wants more?”

Karavana They continue with their party. This time they take us to a nightclub in “Who Wants More?”, their new single.

“Between Loves and Errors”, the new album by the Madrid-based group, will be released on September 13 by Vanana/BMG. And we are starting to get an idea of ​​what it will sound like, since there are already several preview songs that have been shared on platforms.

Thus, “Who Wants More?” It joins previous previews such as “Verano de los 27”, “El Final”, “Mismos Vicios” and “Fantasma”, so we already have a pretty clear idea of ​​where Gonzalo (voice and guitar), Emilio (bass and second vocals) will move. vocals) and Jaime (drums). In “Who Wants More?”, the group combines their usual indie side with a more electronic sound, something that fits perfectly with the song.

“Who Wants More?” has been self-produced by the band together with Pau Paredes, mixed by Aron Kobayashi and mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk. The video clip of the song has been made by Dani Tezla.

“Between loves and mistakes” will include a total of ten songs, which will be “Loves and errors”, “Cariño”, “Fantasma”, “Summer of 27”, “Pastillas”, “Who wants more?”, “Tuesdays, Saturdays”, “Same vices”, “Time” and “The end”.

The dates that have been announced are:

September 27 (Custom Room, Seville)
October 19 (Madrid, La Riviera)
November 2 (Valladolid, Porta Caeli)
November 9 (Granada, Aliatar room)
January 24 (A Coruña, Garufa)
January 25 (Oviedo, Tribeca Live)
February 14 (Murcia, REM room)
February 15 (Alicante, Stereo room)
April 4 (Barcelona, ​​Razzmatazz 2; Mil·lenni Festival)
April 5 (Valencia, Sala Moon)

You can get tickets at this same link.

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