Kali Uchis recovers and improves 'Never Be Yours' 12 years later

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Kali Uchis recovers and improves ‘Never Be Yours’ 12 years later

Kali Uchis has given her most loyal fans a surprise. The shimmering ‘Never Be Yours’, originally released in 2012, has never been officially released until now. Thank goodness the ‘Orquídeas’ singer has dusted it off, because it’s a great song and our Song of the Day.

‘Never Be Yours’ was included on the ‘Drunken Babble’ mixtape, released in 2012 through Datpiff for free. In fact, some fans think that the release of the single could mean a complete re-recording of the project. This gained notoriety among fans of the Colombian-American after singing it on the Kinda Neat podcast in 2014. In addition, she used an alternative version of the beat in the song ‘Lottery’ from her first EP, ‘Por Vida’.

Musically, ‘Never Be Yours’ is a dreamy R&B, full of sparkles, bells and summer vibes. The lyrics are full Kali Uchis, with the artist singing that “going to class, kissing my ass” will give you “good luck.”

Uchis has not released the 2012 version as is, but has replaced the original recording with his matured voice and given the beat a subtle facelift. In this one, the main melody of ‘Oh Honey’ (1977) by the funk and soul group Delegation was sampled more prominently. In the 2024 version, he appears at specific moments, achieving a more professional result, but just as enjoyable.

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