Juanjo and Martin, not Naiara, are top 1 and 2 of Discos España

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Juanjo and Martin, not Naiara, are top 1 and 2 of Discos España

The contestants from the latest edition of OT conquer the Discos España charts this week. Universal Music has released a ‘Best of…’ list of the six finalists in the competition, compiling the best performances of each one. In this way, Juanjo Bona (#1) and Martin Urrutia (#2) occupy the first two positions. In addition, Ruslana manages to sneak into the Top 4 of the list. Vetusta Morla achieve the biggest rise of the week with ‘Figurentes’, which leaves position 46 to position itself at number 5 in the ranking.

The surprise comes with the three remaining ex-contestants, who are more scattered in the ranking. Paul Thin is the next finalist to appear on the list, at number 12, four places higher than the winner of the contest, Naiara (#16). ‘Salvaje’, with Ruslana, and ‘Tómame O Déjame’ are the two most listened to songs by the Zaragoza native. In the case of Juanjo, they would be ‘Lo que no ves de mí’ and ‘La Vida Moderna’, with Paul Thin. In position 31 is ‘Lo Mejor De Lucas Curotto’.

On the other hand, Gracie Abrams enters at number 15 with ‘The Secret of Us’ and Jethro Tull, with ‘Bursting Out (The Inflated Edition)’, at number 49. In the second half of the list enter ‘Pussy Taste’ (#54) by La Zowi, ‘Éxodo’ (#68) by Peso Pluma, Kygo’s namesake (#77) and ‘The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess’ (#80) by Chappell Roan, despite having been released in September 2023.

Isabel Aaiún, Avril Lavigne and Cavalera Conspiracy star in the last entries on the list with ‘La Potra Salvaje’ (#89), ‘Greatest Hits’ (#91) and ‘Schizophrenia’ (#93), respectively.

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