Iván Ferreiro compares festivals with tourist apartments

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Iván Ferreiro compares festivals with tourist apartments

Iván Ferreiro has given an interview to El País in which he talked about festivals, overcrowding in tourism, the relationship between football and politics and the toxicity of social networks, leaving in all cases a series of headlines that are worth highlighting. The reason for the interview is the promotion of ‘Trinchera Pop’, Ferreiro’s latest album, which the Galician musician continues to present live throughout the country. Also at festivals.

Regarding the festivals, Ferreiro comments on the similarity of their posters, and argues that this similarity is due to an economic motivation on the part of their organizers, because the festivals “are not an NGO” but rather “there are people behind them who want to make money, just like El Corte Inglés or BBVA.” “Whoever organizes a festival wants to sell tickets,” says the musician. “And if now it is Arde Bogotá who sells them, then they want to have it on the poster,” in the same way that “Lori Meyers, Vetusta Morla or myself” used to occupy this space.

Regarding his words about festivals, Ferreiro compares the current popularity of festivals with the phenomenon of tourist apartments. “Before you knew the name and surname of the person (who organized the festivals) and now it might be an investment fund,” says the author of ‘Turnedo’. “They are the same people who have the tourist apartments and they are gradually taking over everything.”

Ferreiro also shares his opinion on Spanish football and, in particular, comments on the absence of footballers who speak out politically in Spain, following the recent statements by Kylian Mbappé in which the French player called on young people to vote to stop the advance of the far right in France. “Except for Borja Iglesias and a couple more, the rest are a gang of rats who collect their money and tell us that we cannot have an opinion,” says the musician. “Except for Iglesias, the others kept their mouths shut when it came to Jenni Hermoso. They also don’t say anything when they play in Saudi Arabia.” Ferreiro assures that football “as a sport is a very powerful thing, because it moves a lot of emotions,” but points out that “the business that runs it is probably the worst thing that is happening in this country.”

Regarding social media, Ferreiro points out that they have radicalised the right in particular and that, thanks to them, “the fascists have discovered a way to use the news, the media, Telegram and to say that they are deceiving us all”. “We thought that the internet was going to free us, but the bastards came in,” he points out. “The arrival of the extreme right in the world of networks and fake news has muddied everything in a very brutal way. What they are achieving is that those of us who are halfway moderate do not want to even enter (…) We are suffering a series of harassment from a certain place that seeks to keep people quiet, that the news is what they want and they invent it.”

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