Ice-T y sus Body Count comparten el videoclip de “Psychopath”

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Ice-T and his Body Count share the video for “Psychopath”

Body Countthe metal and metallic hardcore band led by the rapper Ice-Treleases the single “Psychopath”, with the special collaboration of Joe Badolato of Fit For An Autopsy.

In 2020, Body Count won the Grammy for Best Metal Performance, although since that moment they had not released new material. Now they break that record silence with “Psychopath”, a single that has been produced by Will Putney (Knocked Loose, The Ghost Inside).

Body Count were a real breath of fresh air when they emerged in Los Angeles thirty-five years ago. His style was hard and raw, powerful and above all very critical of American society and government control. What initially seemed like a passing project by rapper and actor Ice-T has ended up becoming a solid project with various releases and has released several albums since its appearance.

“Psychopath” has been produced again – it will be their third album with them – by one of the tough producers of the moment, Will Putney, and once again shows a band that still has something to say and to say it very loudly. The song will be part of “Merciless”, the group’s new album about which Ice-T comments: “When we started making records, I made twenty songs and then we chose twelve. Now it’s harder for me to find the music, but when I choose twelve songs, I’m clear that there will be those twelve. We don’t make a lot of recordings to find what we want. Now I know what I want and I’m like a photographer who waits for the exact moment to have the photograph and then shoots. very hard and powerful, so it will be the fucked one ‘Merciless’”.

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