Honey, they give away another great chorus in 'Nothing Matters So Much'

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Honey, they give away another great chorus in ‘Nothing Matters So Much’

Summer is here and Cariño is showing signs of life. The Madrid trio has released the first single from what will be the group’s third album, after ‘Movidas’ (2018) and ‘CARIÑO’ (2022), and it includes one of their catchiest choruses. With how well they’ve always done this, that’s saying a lot. ‘Nada Importa Tanto’ is our Song of the Day.

With a steady pop drum beat, Alicia sings about everything that has changed in her world after a breakup. “If I listen to our song, but it doesn’t sound the same to me,” she sings, but without any kind of sadness or melancholy. Quite the opposite. If this separation serves any purpose, it is for the protagonist to realize what truly matters in a luminous chorus: “And now I know that in reality, nothing matters as much as it seems / If the only thing that matters is giving time to those who deserve it.”

The Madrid-based band hasn’t lost their sense of humour either, replicating a well-known meme on the cover of the single and organising a fake casting to find “the new Cariño”, which they used as the plot for the video. Before the release of the video, they designed personalised posters for each member of the group. “If you don’t know how to hit the mark, but you do hit the mark, we’ll definitely be looking for you,” reads María’s poster.

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