Hearing aids with artificial intelligence to improve your listening experience

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Hearing aids with artificial intelligence to improve your listening experience

Hearing aids with artificial intelligence

The new ones earphones they already incorporate artificial intelligence to personalize each person’s listening experience. Thanks to this technology, hearing aids automatically prioritize some sounds over others to adapt to the priorities and needs of each user without them having to touch or adjust their hearing solution.

Headphones and machine learning

The hearing aids with artificial intelligence have the added advantage of benefiting from machine learningwhich is the technology that allows hearing aids to identify situations similar to those configured (at the sound context level) and act accordingly to prioritize or cancel certain sounds.

Advantages of hearing aids with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence improves the listening experience of people who use hearing aids:

  • Personalization and full control of the hearing aid through the phone itself.
  • Better hearing in noisy environments by being able to choose or prioritize the sounds that interest us most.
  • Reproduction of the same conditions already established thanks to machine learning.
  • Sending requests for help in case of emergency through the app.

Which hearing aids incorporate artificial intelligence?

The latest generation hearing aids They are the ones that already incorporate artificial intelligence. These are devices that also incorporate Bluetooth and wireless technology, which has multiplied their versatility, effectiveness and comfort. With these headphones you get clearer sounds thanks to the directional microphonesas well as a better, personalized listening experience, thanks to the noise suppressorswhich allow voices to be heard in a clearer and sharper, more natural way.

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