Fuel Fandango announce their separation

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Fuel Fandango announce their separation

Fuel Fandango communicate their separation through their networks. The duo formed by Alejandro Acosta and Cristina Manjón, better known as “Nita”, has left successful albums such as ‘Aurora’, which was number 2 in Spain, or ‘Origen’, which was even number 1. In 2022 they also released a EP called ‘Romances’.

Songs like ‘Toda la vida’ or ‘Salvaje’ have enough streams for two gold records, and his collaborations with Juancho Marqués and Depedro have also been successful. The duo championed the value of genre fusion over labels since their inception. “Let’s stop labeling” was the great headline they left us in 2019 during an interesting interview.

This is the statement: «Fuel Fandango has come to an end, the project is being diluted and the two of us, with great enthusiasm and desire, will continue our paths independently. As you can imagine, it has been a very difficult decision to make, it has been an incredible and fascinating journey that has lasted 15 years and that will last a lifetime in our hearts. It is impossible to list the wonderful experiences, moments and people we have met during all these years.

They continue: «We only have words of gratitude to all the people who have accompanied us on this journey: musicians, offices, promoters, technical team and countless collaborators and friends who have always been there. But above all we have to give infinite THANKS to you, to our audience, who are the ones who have made it possible for us to live this unforgettable experience, you have given us laughter, tears, dances and ultimately, a lot of LIFE. We have learned a lot and it has been a pleasure to walk hand in hand with you on this adventure, we will keep all your love in our hearts. Let the party continue! We hug you tight.”

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