Eterna Joventut announces a break singing a 'Romantic Melody'

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Eterna Joventut announces a break singing a ‘Romantic Melody’

Eterna Joventut, the group of Júlia, Sònia, Alicia and Asier, has announced that it is temporarily leaving the stage. Although it seems that the quartet is not breaking up permanently, its future seems uncertain, according to its own words: “Be it a see you later, a see you soon or a see you forever, may this melody never stop playing,” the group announced on social media.

The melody that Eterna Joventut is referring to is from their new single, ‘Melodía romántica’. «At good times, green sleeves», announces the label Snap! Clap! Club, ‘Melodía romántica’ appears today on the playlists of Novedades Viernes España and Novedades Indie.

‘Melodía romántica’ delivers what its title promises and, musically, remains attached to the past, like Eterna Joventut’s single from a couple of seasons ago, ‘Una luz luminosa luminosa’, their “bet for the Benidorm Fest of 1968”. ‘Melodía romántica’ mixes girl group sound and surfer guitars as Vivian Girls or Mujeres have done in the past. The music of ‘Melodía romántica’ is closer to the Pipettes than to Cindy Lee, of course.

A meta composition from its very title, ‘Melodía romántica’ speaks of nothing else but that melody that “will always accompany you” and that, in your worst moments, makes you “heal.” It is, therefore, a tribute to music itself and its ability to provide a soundtrack to the life of those who listen to it. The surfer guitars of ‘Melodía romántica’, in fact, seem made to alleviate the intensity of the hot days ahead.

Eterna Joventut has explained that “after 4 wonderful years, and due to vital and existential issues, we have decided to make a short stop on this long pop road to refuel and think about where we want to take our route.” We hope that this route will bring them back to the stage.

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