Estopa fichan a Alizzz para reinventar su “Del Revés”

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Estopa signs Alizzz to reinvent their “Del Revés”

The duo Tow has signed the musician and producer Alizzz to reinvent his song “Del Revés”, included in his most recent album, “ESTOPIA”.

When Estopa and Alizzz shared the stage in Barcelona, ​​being part of the show “Without singing or tuning” of C. Tangana, we still couldn’t imagine that one day they would collaborate. But the stars were already aligned for this to materialize. Firstly, both Estopa and Alizzz are from Baix Llobregat, and the producer and musician has mentioned Estopa on several occasions in talks and interviews.

And here we have the result of this collaboration. Those from Cornellà and Castelldefels join forces in this new version of “Del Revés”, one of the songs that Estopa included in “ESTOPIA”his latest successful album.

This new version of the song is entirely produced by Alizzz and is the result of a collaboration that began to be forged a year ago when David and Jose began to record their latest studio album. Alizzz visited them and ended up taking all the tracks for the song, including David and Jose’s voices, to offer his version of what the song could be.

About the result, Estopa have said: “We were very clear from the beginning that ‘Del Revés’ had to be the song that Alizzz had to produce. We wanted our version and his to exist and we wanted them both to have their own spirit… One day he sent us the song already mixed and we thought it was amazing. Not one objection.”

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