Enric Montefusco interpreta “Adelante Bonaparte” con Almeuritme

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Enric Montefusco performs “Adelante Bonaparte” with Almeuritme

Eighteen musicians from Prat de Llobregat and Enric Montefusco They present a version of “Adelante Bonaparte”, one of Standstill’s classics, in the fourteenth edition of the #Almeuritme project.

Within the framework of the celebration of World Music Day (today June 21), the video clip of the citizen process of musical creation #Almeuritme has been released, which aims to promote diverse people in the city to come together around a nexus common and shared, music. On this occasion, the song chosen is “Adelante Bonaparte” by Standstill. And the best of all is that the musicians have performed it together with Enric Montefusco, vocalist of the band who has just returned to activity recently with performances at various festivals.

And the truth is that we can’t think of a better song for this Montefusco collaboration with a band made up of eighteen musicians of various ages from the city, most of them students from L’Escola d’Arts in Viu and users of La Capsa test buses. All of them, along with Enric Montefusco, are the protagonists of this year’s video clip, shot by the Pratense director. Xavi Esteban. You can see it below these lines.

In addition, the project has had the collaboration of the Pratense artist Júlia Barba in charge of art direction with elements such as hopscotches, Xaranga of the House of Aragón del Prat and with the support of Prat Film Office in the search and management of city locations.

The previous year’s edition brought together the musicians with Miqui Puig to perform together “Bonito es” by The Simples. The axis to begin the tribute to the sound and atmosphere of the eighties was a radio cassette that took center stage.

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