Deadmau5 charges against “the Spotify vultures”

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Deadmau5 charges against “the Spotify vultures”

In case things were a bit heated among artists regarding what they charge to have their music on Spotify, its CEO has made a very controversial statement. He put it in X, it had a certain impact, but the blood did not reach the river, so he has not erased it; which could change after Deadmau5’s angry reaction. One of the most sought-after DJs in the world has even threatened to remove his music from Spotify.

On May 29, Daniel Ek decided to reflect on the perishable content uploaded to the platform, but also on content that lasts for centuries. His reflection began like this: “Nowadays, with the cost of creating content close to zero, people can share an incredible amount of content. This has sparked my curiosity about the concept of long-term and short-term shelf life.” He then went on to talk about the “revival” of Stoicism, several centuries later.

Without paying attention to his reflection on what will happen over time, Deadmau5 has stayed with the first part of his speech and responded: “That is incorrect. The cost of creating content (is not zero): it has been more than 25 years of my life and many of those benefits go to your company, you fucking idiot.”

Next, a series of users have begun to post what it has cost them to buy computers, monitors, programs, not to mention the time invested. Even more pissed off, Deadmau5 responded to a message that said “I hate Spotify so much…” with the following: “Me too, I’m about to withdraw my music from these fucking vultures. So far we have come”.

Billboard recalls, in connection with this controversy, that Spotify reported a 20% increase in its profits in the first quarter of 2024. In addition, in the United States the subscription price has risen, while the amount that authors receive in royalties has decreased. As reported in a previous report, this decrease in royalties is due to family plans and the arrival of audiobooks.

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