D'Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier Stereophonic Integrated Amplifier

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D’Agostino Pendulum Integrated Amplifier Stereophonic Integrated Amplifier

One of the goals recognized as one of the best manufacturers of High End audio components is to try enlarge the base of owners of their products so that they can access a technology and a refinement that finds its fair measure in a simply superior musicality. This is how the American company D’Agostino Master Audio Systems understands it, which year after year fascinates absolute sound enthusiasts with electronics executed entirely with audio devices. solid statethat is, transistors, which take the concept of High Fidelity music reproduction. On this occasion, the protagonist is a stereophonic integrated amplifier that constitutes the presentation to society of the brand new Pendulum range: the Pendulum Integrated Amplifier.

pendulum of August

In line with the philosophy of the company founded and led by the charismatic Dan D’Agostinothis new and seductive electronics benefits from the innovations incorporated into their older sisters to offer genuinely High End features at a more reasonable price. Thus, at its heart we find a Input circuitry with JFET transistors based on the renowned Momentum C4 Preamplifier, whose topology has been meticulously redesigned in order to exhibit some levels of tonal precision unprecedented. This circuitry is accompanied by one of the characteristic elements in the creations signed by D’Agostino Master Audio Systems: a opulent power supply which combines a custom-made 750VA toroidal transformer with a capacitor bank totaling 25,000uF. Thanks to this, the Pendulum Integrated Amplifier exhibits a extraordinarily stable sound recordings while minimizing distortion, resulting in a exceptional dynamic capability even with particularly “difficult” speakers.

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