El CRANC Illa de Menorca completa el cartel de su octava edición

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CRANC Illa de Menorca completes the line-up for its eighth edition

The eighth edition of CRANC Island of Menorca Festivalwhich will take place on the Balearic island between September 26th and 29thcompletes its poster with artists such as Hinds, Leon Benavente either pablopablo.

Until now we knew that, in the eighth edition of the CRANC Illa de Menorca Festival, we would be able to enjoy live performances by artists such as He Killed a Motorcycle Policeman, Judeline, Women, Hidrogenesse and many more, but there was still a lot left to announce. And the time has come to find out who these new names are that have joined the event’s lineup.

During those four days in September, the Figuera Cove in Mahon will host performances by all the names mentioned, as well as others such as Josephine Network, SUO, Caballo Prieto Azabache, Los Yolos, Elsa de Alfonso, Boston Babies, Go Cactus, Manners, Mantra, Maria Hein, Aina Losange, Colorado, Dahlia’, HEAL, The Ripples and FEZBritish winners of the call for artists made by the music industry platform BizBat, who were already confirmed some time ago. They have all been added to round out the line-up Hindswho will have a new album out when they perform at CRANC, Leon Benavente celebrating its ten years of experience and pablopablobut also Guille Wheel & The Waves, The Weeds, Talleres Molina, The Distance, The T-Makers or the DJ Lola Von Dage.

In addition to the performances, there will also be various parallel activities such as parallel events, the Fish & Beats party, a record market or the recording of a podcast. Remember that the performances will take place both during the day and at night. You can get tickets at www.crancfestival.com.

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