Chvrches' Iain Remix for Cranberries Makes Some Sense

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Chvrches’ Iain Remix for Cranberries Makes Some Sense

In the past year, the Cranberries have had two viral hits on TikTok. The first was ‘Sunday’. What was meant to be the third single from their debut, but was aborted because the group already had their second album ready, ‘Zombie’ included,’ has taken on a new life. Completely unexpectedly, it has ended up in their top 5 most listened to songs on Spotify, when it was a lost track in their career.

The challenge was to represent the lyrics literally: “you make me go round and round / my feet are no longer on the ground / I don’t even know where I am anymore.”

And in recent months, ‘Linger’ has gone viral, of course with the pitch changed, and to the point that the song has become the most listened to Cranberries song, above ‘Zombie’. Especially around Saint Patrick’s Day, ‘Linger’ appeared among the most listened to on Spotify in the United Kingdom (31st place) or the United States (54th place).

As is usual lately with Anglo-Saxon music, in Spain, we have not even smelled this viral. In any case, the band has decided to take advantage and announced something mysterious on Instagram, where they were tagged none other than Chvrches. A few hours later, Iain Cook’s remix of ‘Linger’ has been released. Despite the tricky nature of the matter, it makes sense.

The Cranberries did release a few remixes at one point. Marius DeVries’ adaptation of ‘Time Is Ticking Out’ and the ‘Oceanic Edit’ of ‘Analyse’ leaned towards ambient. Dolores O’Riordan was also close to collaborating with Moby at one point, and did so with Jam&Spoon on a trip hop track, ‘Mirror Lover’.

That is the line that Iain Cook has followed, who luckily has not turned ‘Linger’ into a synth-pop song a la Chvrches, but has added a piano, atmospheric elements, and above all has created a final climax with the Dolores’s voice. There he remembers ‘The Sun Does Rise’, the spiritual collaboration that Dolores did with Jah Wobble; or to Stone Roses, one of Noel Hogan’s first influences. In short, no one needed a remix of ‘Linger’, but when it comes to presenting it, it somehow reminds us of certain things they did in life. Maybe Dolores would have liked it.

Nothing is known about Dolores O’Riordan’s posthumous album that was announced in September, nor anything about the lost DARK album that was well underway when she died.

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