Childish Gambino says goodbye in search of grunge catharsis

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Childish Gambino says goodbye in search of grunge catharsis

Childish Gambino has announced that his new album, ‘Bando Stone & the New World’, will be released on July 19. ‘Bando Stone & the New World’ is also the name of the film starring Donald Glover in which the album’s music is featured.

‘Bando Stone & the New World’ will be, on the other hand, the last project that Glover signs under the alias of Childish Gambino. A few months ago the album ‘Atavista’ was released, the full version of an album that Glover initially published during the pandemic.

The first single from ‘Bando Stone & the New World’ couldn’t be further away in style from Childish Gambino’s biggest hits, such as ‘Redbone’ or ‘This is America’. In ‘Lithonia’, electric guitars dominate and, together with producers Ludwig Göransson, Max Martin and Michael Uzowuru, Glover creates a song that is halfway between a grunge ballad and pop-punk.

In ‘Lithonia’ two proper names appear, on the one hand, Lithonia, the name of a town in Georgia, and Cody LaRae, possibly the name of a character in the film. The lyrics contain an underlying sense of disappointment in the course of Cody LaRae’s life: «He took a break, and now he finds that nobody gave a shit / I did my job, I paid my dues, love is for fools, ’cause nobody gives a shit». The guitars are responsible for bringing Childish Gambino to catharsis.

We remind you that Donald Glover is the producer and actor of ‘Atlanta’, one of the best American television series of recent years.

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