Charli xcx defends Taylor Swift;  Foo Fighters…no

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Charli xcx defends Taylor Swift; Foo Fighters…no

Apparently, it has become customary to shout “Taylor is dead” at some events related to Charli xcx. At least, that has been noted regarding some DJ sets in Brazil, and it has been reported on Charli’s social networks. She is, she has decided to take action on the matter, and she has asked to stop doing this: “Can people stop doing this? Online and at my concerts. It’s the opposite of what I want and it bothers me that someone would think there is room for this in the community. “I won’t tolerate it.”

The origin of the beef could be that ‘brat’ has not managed to be number 1 in the United Kingdom because of Taylor Swift’s latest album, and that it is thought that the phrase from the song ‘Sympathy Is a Knife’ “I don’t want to see it on the backstage at my boyfriend’s concert,” could be a reference to Taylor.

On the contrary, while passing through London, Dave Grohl has mocked Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour”, joking that the Foo Fighters tour should be called “Errors Tour” because of the errors it contains. He has justified that this is what he has to play live, implying that there is a lot of pre-recorded stuff on Taylor’s tour.

His words were: “You don’t want to suffer the wrath of Taylor Swift. So we like to call our tour “The Errors Tour”. We’ve had more than a few eras, and more than a few fucking mistakes too. Just a couple. That’s because we play live. That? She left it there. Do you like raw rock’n roll music? Well, you have come to the right place.”

Foo Fighters joked about their meeting with Taylor Swift in London during the same days. Dave Grohl’s band performed on Thursday, June 20 and Saturday, June 22, while Taylor’s turn was Friday, the 21st, Saturday, the 22nd, and Sunday, the 23rd.

Among the surprises that Taylor Swift’s tour has left these days in London, the presence of Hayley Williams in ‘Castles Crumbling’, or that of Gracie Abrams in ‘us’. This remix has been one of the main musical news this Friday, reaching number 25 on Spotify overall.

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