Cariño encaran el tercer disco con “Nada Importa Tanto”

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Cariño is facing their third album with “Nada Importa Tanto”

Maria, Alicia and Paolathat is to say Dear, return to the news with the first preview of what will be their third full-length to be published in the fall. The song is titled “Nothing Matters That Much.”

There is nothing more human than wondering what stage of our lives we are in, whether being in a popular band is what we want. Well, that is what Cariño sings about. Contradictions that make us human and that, therefore, are transmitted in the trio’s songs. “We want this album to serve to experience these contradictory states. The songs, although they are always about love, delve a little into that duality. From melancholic melodies that talk about sadness, to much more lively songs that celebrate moments of happiness. It is a bit like life itself, an emotional journey, a space for reflection and self-knowledge. The album embraces the idea that life is a constant journey of discovery, where the true sense of belonging is found more in the acceptance of our own complexity and in the ability to find beauty in both good and evil,” says the group about what we are going to find in this future album to be published in the autumn.

But in the end, the song talks about exactly what it sounds like from its title. There is nothing that really matters as much as we sometimes believe beyond life itself and sharing things with the people that matter. “Nothing Matters Too Much” has been produced by Luis La Madrid and Lucas SoloveraAs for the video clip, it has been directed by Celia Giraldo and jokes about the idea that Cariño, tired of being famous, is looking for substitutes who can be in the spotlight when they need it.

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