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Camila ignores Drake in the fun ‘Hot Uptown’

Camila Cabello releases her new album today, ‘C,XOXO’. Her “love letter to Miami” includes the single ‘I Luv It’ and the collaboration with Lil Nas X ‘He Knows’. Both represent the warm, humid and digital sound of the album, which Cabello has worked mainly with two producers, El Guincho (how much has it rained since the time of ‘Alegranza’) and Jasper Harris, although dozens of other artists appear later in the credits. Names.

Among them is one of the kings of current pop, Drake, who sings a duet with Camila ‘Hot Uptown’ and also includes an interlude called ‘Uuugly’.

On today’s Song of the Day, ‘Hot Uptown,’ Camila and Drake bond over bubbly production from Boi-1da, responsible for Rihanna’s ‘Work,’ Yogi, and the aforementioned El Guincho and Jasper Harris. The base is based on a soft dembow rhythm, to which the producers add a synth effect that sounds tactile and sensual, reminiscent of Drake’s ‘Passionfruit.’

In ‘Hot Uptown’ Drake tries to flirt with Camila, but she knows she deserves better. Drake, who has cars, watches and jewelry, challenges her: “You can’t forget me ’cause he’s so basic / We gotta try again ’cause we’re so good together,” Aubrey sings. He doesn’t sell Camila on the idea: “You’re too weak to be with me, baby; you should risk less.”

What does the rest of ‘C,XOXO’ offer? Camila commits to a slightly experimental sound, as evidenced by the distorted piano of ‘Chanel No. 5’ or the shifting structure of ‘Dade County Dreaming’, and brings the album together by including several interludes. Although there is also room on ‘C,XOXO’ for the acoustic ballad of ‘Twentysomethings’, the candy-like reggaeton of ‘Dream-Girls’ or the Latin house dance of ‘Pretty When I Cry’.

Among the unexpected collaborations of ‘C,XOXO’, PinkPantheress appears in another of the interludes, ‘Pink Xoxo’, her signature being very noticeable; and Nile Rodgers appears in the piano ballad ‘BOAT’ as co-writer of the sampled or, rather, deconstructed, song ‘Hotel Room Service’ by Pitbull.

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