Bright Eyes comparten el adelanto “Bells And Whistles”

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Bright Eyes share the preview of “Bells And Whistles”

“Bells And Whistles” serves as a preview of what will be the next work of Bright Eyeswhich will see the light of day September 20 and which will be titled “Five Dice, All Threes”.

It will be released on September 20th “Five Dice, All Threes”new work of Conor Oberst, Mike Mogis and Nata Walcottthat is to say Bright EyesIt will be their tenth album together and will include songs like “Bells And Whistles” which you can already listen to on platforms. The album will be released by Dead Oceans/Popstock!

To present the song to society, Bright Eyes have also shared a music video directed by Josh Boonefilmed in Omaha, Nebraska, the town where the American group originated.

“Five Dice, All Threes” has been produced by Mogis and Oberstalthough they have invited some friends to shape it. The album will feature collaborations from Cat Power in the song “All Threes”, Alex Orange Drink in “Rainbow Overpass” and Matt Berninger of The National in “The Time I Have Left”. The full track listing will include “Five Dice”, “Bells And Whistles”, “El Capitan”, “Bas Jan Ader”, “Tiny Suicides”, “All Threes”, “Rainbow Overpass”, “Hate”, “Real Feel 105”, “Spun Out”, “Trains Still Run On Time”, “The Time I Have Left” and “Tin Soldier Boy”.

Tour dates have been confirmed for after the summer, first in the United States and later in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Norway. We will have to wait and see if Conor Oberst visits our country again sometime next year.

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